Prosperity Portal Meditation


Each soul journey meditation is infused with potent healing reiki energy for clearing and break through which causes deep relaxation and pivotal life transformation. When journeying please keep in mind:

  • You will need headphones for the brain to encode the healing binaural and Isochronic tones based on the theme of your journey.
  • A location where you will not be disturbed you may sit or lay down. 
  • It’s best to stay within the journey but if Divine messages are coming through of deep importance a notepad and paper is great to have next to you
  • Due to the potent nature of these experiences do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening.
  • If you fall asleep during your experience the journey will still be effective due to the subconscious nature of these audios


Enter the portal of infinite prosperity while empowering your associated abundance chakras and reprogramming a mindset that attracts wealth in all areas of your life.


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