Inspiration. Freedom.

What if everything that you’ve been searching for has been inside of you the whole time?

Activate your own limitless potential by connecting to the Source within.

In childhood, many of us have developed survival tools which have weakened our ability to succeed in our careers, feel safe in our bodies and maintain healthy relationships.

Every answer to every question is already within you and it is the joy of my life to provide tools to access the Divine wisdom within.

I have the ability to bring you into what I call Spirit space to activate your own limitless potential by connecting to the Divine source within.

I’m Priscilla Victoria

Uncover your illumined path to joy and transformation on the other side of obstacles.

For 15+ years as a speaker, meditation specialist, counselor and Reiki Master, I’ve been honored to empower those in my care to connect to their true joy and experience radical breakthrough in the area of weight loss, business, relationship and spiritual growth.

It is my joy to hold you in a place of clarity, peace and inspiration.

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" I listened to every bit of advice she gave me and the breakthrough I hd was so powerful... and it is still to thie day."
- Sarah Spyak
"Emotionally, physically, spiritually... she can channel in like nothing I've ever seen."

- Alicia Schafter
"Priscilla saw so many things I didn't think were there [in me], and she helped me bring them to light."
- Crystam Cajaj

Priscilla Victoria

Priscilla Victoria is a compassionate and dynamic Reiki Master whose gift is guiding people through radical transformations. She maintains a Divine connection that allows her to hold powerful space for those in her care.

Priscilla’s sessions combine over 15 years of 1-on-1 Rapid Transformation Coaching, Business/Personal Empowerment, Sacred Body Mapping, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Nutrition/Weight loss coaching, Personal Training, and Spiritual Counseling experience.

This is combined with Divine Messages that are sent through her for each specific person resulting in personal breakthrough and miraculous blessing in the lives that she touches.

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Have a question about how sessions work? Send me a detailed message and I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours!